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What lies between the covers of books?

People read for different reasons. Some people read to learn, some people read for enjoyment, some read to escape, some people read because they have to for school and countless other reasons. I’ve read for these reasons too. In primary school and at the start of my high school career.

Recently, I find myself reading non fiction texts about real life topics as opposed to fiction novels like Lockwood & Co, a series I enjoyed reading in year 7. Im currently reading the book ‘Barefoot Investor’ a text written by Scott Pape for anyone wishing to learn more about managing your money and investing it.

I’ve also started reading a little about philosophy, a book I recently read was by Seneca on the shortness of life. I enjoyed reading such a text as it is interesting thinking about such topics and seeing what others make of it, as there is no single correct answer or solution to such problems.

I think reading is a good way to learn about something or a hobby to have in your spare time. But I don’t think it is the only way to do these things. Alternatives do exist like videos and sport and I think people should do what they enjoy or find the most helpful.

I think Dylan Thomas’s poem is very true in the sense that books can make you live experiences you never would otherwise, like fighting a war, hunting down ghosts, going to outer space, drowning on a sinking ship and countless other experiences. I think books do this better than movies as in books you picture the words as you want to and are forced to think about certain things, whereas in movies you are simply a bystander and consume what the director wnats you to.

Lastly, if I were on a desert island I would definitely take a few fiction novels with me. Such as the Shiva Trilogy, a series of books based of Hindu mythology. I would also like to read famous leader’s biographies and autobiographies to see how they lived their lives and where their ideologies came from. This could include Hitler’s diary or Karl Marx’s text.